Fiberglass Refinishing and Inlay Repair system for PBRA members only


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If the floor of your fiberglass shower unit has developed cracks. Or if leaking has occurred because of those cracks, an inlay can be installed that will fix that problem. When a Fiberglass shower unit is installed in a home during construction, it is attached to the surrounding 2x4 wall studs, and supported underneath with a frame built also using 2x4's. Over time, the floor of the shower grey supra shoes may weaken, if the floor supports are too far apart. Surface cracks may develop on the edges of the supports, or an actual break may occur in the floor causing water to leak to rooms below.


The solution: Custom fit Floor Inlay: Visual inspection by a PBRA technician is necessary, at which time measurements will be taken to ensure a proper fit. The inlay is installed using a two-component epoxy glue that "welds" itself to the surface of the shower unit. The surface will never leak again, it will never crack, and your floor will be stronger than before. The custom Inlay system exclusively available to PBRA members only. So whether your just updating colors or wish to salvage a cracked fiberglass unit then the PBRA has a refinishing and repair system for you.



Features Anti-Slip-Drain Channel - Single Stage Moiste Fast Cure AdhesiveDesigned and Manufactured by  a PBRA Elite Member this Fiberglass Inlay Repair Kit Fits 95 % Tubs. 
Immersion Service Adhesive No Fumes. Lifetime Warranty



Features: Built in Anti-Slip Drain Channel and Moister Fast Cured Adhesive for Immersion Service



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