Refinishing Solutions


The PBRA has dedicated this web site to informing and educating both our refinishers and the general public on our new and superior refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing options. Using both the best procedures and materials, our well trained technicians will help you realize a saving of up to 85% over the cost of replacement. These huge savings can be reapplied elsewhere in your remodeling plan allowing you to upgrade in other areas. Stained, chipped, and hard to clean surfaces are unsightly and unhealthy and can create a negative impression on your guests, customers or clients. Refinishing will give your old fixtures a brand new smooth finish in a matter of hours. Our non-porous finishes meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications for stain and acid resistance. Bathtub refinishing, Tile refinishing, or Counter Top resurfacing is the most convenient and cost effective way to remodel your kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Since your kitchen and bathrooms usually have the hardest and most often used surfaces, these are where the largest challenges and expenses may occur. Complete or conventional remodeling involves messy tear out of not only your fixtures but also removal of the floors, beams, and walls surrounding the fixtures, then rebuilding the room from scratch using new materials. While there are benefits to having a freshly installed kitchen or bath, because of the mess, daily lack of privacy, inconvenience, cost, and the time...this is often not an attractive option.

Refinishing, Reglazing, or Resurfacing is an excellent alternative to replacement of worn or color dated bathtubs, showers, tile and counter tops. It can restore 75% to 95% of the useful life of most surfaces and offers huge savings of time, money, and convenience when compared to replacement. It is a great value! The average home owner's first thought when considering remodeling their kitchen and bath is to "Tear out and Replace" the room. This can take weeks or even months while forcing cheap los angeles lakers jerseys you out of these spaces for the duration of the remodel. Also costing you tens of thousands of dollars while suffering this dirty and noisy intrusion into your daily life. Fortunately there is now an affordable way to renew your kitchens and bathrooms without all the hassles, cost and inconveniences of conventional remodeling.

The basic refinishing concept and procedures have been around for nearly 50 years but are still largely unknown to the average homeowner or contractor. The procedures of most non-PBRA refinishers have remained stagnant along with the chemical coatings that they utilize in their daily efforts.

Thanks to the networking system built in to the PBRA, there are daily advances in our member's procedures and ability to continually provide industry leading results. Additionally, the evolution of chemical coatings technology has progressed nearly as fast as computer technology. Our members test and apply these advanced coatings giving the customer harder, glossier, and longer lasting refinished surfaces. Most of our recent breakthroughs have been in the areas of bonding (the ability for a chemical coating to adhere to a surface), extreme durability, and accelerated dry times. The members of the PBRA are able to take advantage of every new advance in the science of refinishing and translate those advances into the highest quality refinishing available today.

Using a PBRA certified refinisher ensures you will receive the latest in procedures, chemical coating technology, durability, and longevity. This is the best choice and investment you can make when updating your kitchen or bath.





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