PBRA introduction



PBRA introduction to all services provided by our members. If you require a service choose a refinisher if you're a refinisher wanting to learn more inquire within.



UV Base Coat Primer and light test



UV Base Coat Primer and light test.  Proprietary Coating matched to our lights is the key to an easy successful UV process. Our UV coating factory used these lights to develop our coatings to ensure proper cure and portability.



UV coatings



UV coatings are extremely difficult to tint or color. Extensive test for colors and lighting were performed for optimum performance.



Tub Cut- Clean



Tub Cut- Clean Cut performed under harsh conditions. PBRA refinishers excel under the toughest field conditions. Personal Pride and customer needs are always first.



Counter Tops



Counter Tops, Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, Investors, for just about any situation a proper counter top refinishing system will always be the most cost effective way without compromising aesthetics and performance.



Handicap Conversion



Handicap Conversion in Commercial areas beneficial for the care taker and the elderly. PBRA members realize more than monetary rewards.  PBRA members take the time honor and remember the elderly. We are just temporarily able.



Global Refinishing Highlights



PBRA member Global Refinishing Highlights quality work in this video. Most our members are skilled in all areas of kitchen and bath updates and handicap conversions.



Customer Video



Customer Video Testimonial given in the field for Cultured Marble and Fiberglass Refinishing Project. All PBRA members strive for this reaction. Monetary success is second to customer satisfaction.



Power Bond



POWER BOND Application Demonstration. The Backbone to our refinishing system is a two part adhesion promoter proprietary to PBRA members. Our Products are developed and tested by our members. PBRA offers unique Products developed by refinishers for refinishers.



Tub Cut video



Tub Cut video that involved stripping and removing a previous refinish, installing a safety seat, our Tub Cut Clean Cut, Grab bars, Slip Resistant surface, Refinish, caulk and new drain kit.  The customers face and comments are what PBRA members live for.



PBRA Members



Where standard Safety Kits can't be used PBRA members are trained in customizing any handicap tub cut. Here we have a custom tub cut with coupled with refinishing and a happy customer who saved over 8 thousand dollars using our process.



Dan Janson



Dan Janson a PBRA member gives unscripted live testimony after refinishing 1000 bathtubs with zero failures using the Power Bond System.



A demonstration of our Hybrid Refinishing system



A demonstration of our Hybrid Refinishing system that combines fast cure times for large areas without the loss of performance. 






Demonstration of the strength of the Power Bond Cleaner delaminating solution also part of our proprietary Power Bond system.  Deep cleaning without harsh chemicals that removes surface contaminates and provides the perfect surface profile for Power Bond Bonding Agent.



Tub Cut Clean



Tub Cut Clean Cut combined with safety bar installation, safety seat, slip resistant surface, new drain kit, with an update color change from lime green to brilliant white. 




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