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The Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association (PBRA) has been the driving force in the kitchen and bath refinishing industry for independent refinishing companies for nearly a decade. During that time, the PBRA and its members have devoted substantial time and resources to bettering the industry. The mission of the PBRA is to enhance its members' success and excellence, promote professionalism and ethical business practices, and provide leadership and direction for the refinishing industry. All this has helped to make the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association the choice for the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath refinishing industry.


Additionally, the PBRA offers its members a valid and qualified networking stream. They are able to meet with others serious about their craft during online meetings held regularly for our members throughout the United States and Canada. They also utilize PBRA online services regardless of the system you are using and pick up consumer leads that are available only to PBRA members. Helpful online marketing tools such as: advertising & press releases, and co-op joint marketing campaigns available exclusively to PBRA members.


The PBRA has a strong foundation which will enable you to strengthen and cultivate your professional relationships. With a growing membership located throughout the United States and Canada, the PBRA is your ultimate source for kitchen and bath refinishing resources and the primary means of uniting the refinishing industry. Develop professional contacts and interact with like-minded business people



  • Learn strategies and exchange leads to address the needs of your business
  • Share best practices and create relationships
  • Participate in networking opportunities
  • Participate in Joint Projects with the unlimited sources of manpower provided by the PBRA
  • Earn peer recognition for your successes and accomplishments
  • Serve as a mentor to new members to develop potential and build skills or be mentored
  • Learn and sharpen skills to become a stronger manager and leader.
  • PBRA Membership allows you to strengthen your brand by aligning yourself with the PBRA, making your business more credible and more appealing to consumers. Through our extensive marketing campaigns, targeted to both trade and consumer audiences, the PBRA continues to educate the public on the desirability of hiring Association members
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